Friday, 20 August 2010


The primary objectives of the LTWA are to provide a comprehensive cultural resource centre and to promote an environment that encourages research and an exchange of knowledge between scholars and students. These factors are of the utmost importance in a contemporary world shaped by political and spiritual confusion. In trying to fulfill its objectives, the Library's priorities include:

  • Acquiring and conserving Tibetan manuscripts, books, artifacts and works of art.
  • Providing access to books, manuscripts and reference works (in Tibetan as well as in foreign languages) in study areas within the Library.
  • Compiling bibliographies and documentation of Library holdings and related literature available worldwide.
  • Providing copies and prints of Library holdings and acting as a reference centre for such source materials.
  • Publishing books and manuscripts under the Library imprint.
  • Supporting research and study of the Tibetan language, both classical and modern.


Foreign Language Reference Library
The FLRL has a collection of more than 13,000 volumes predominantly dealing with language, philosophy, arts and culture, medicine, geography, travel, history and the politics of Tibet and the Himalayan [...]

Tibetan Books & Manuscripts Library
The Tibetan book and manuscript collection holds more than 100,000 titles in the form of manuscripts, books, xylographs, documents and illuminated scriptures. The collections include centuries old manuscripts, documents and [...]

One of the main aims and objectives of LTWA when it was founded in 1972 was to compile, translate, print and publish books and manuscripts on all aspects of Tibetan [...]

Tibetan Cultural Research
The Cultural Research and Publications Department publish and distribute a wide range of titles concerning Tibetan studies. Each year, in co-operation with the library’s research and translation arm, the department [...]

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