Monday, 23 August 2010


The Library has grown a lot since it first opened its doors. Today, the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives provides a modern learning environment which includes the following spaces:

Reception Area

Here you will find the Library's receptionist who is more than happy to answer any of your questions. You can also purchase any of the books that have been published by the Library.

Tibetan Books & Manuscripts Library

Browse through a wide selection of Tibetan and Chinese language titles.

Foreign Language Library

Gain access to a variety of foreign language journals, magazines and books on a range of topics.


Visit our permanent exhibits located on the second floor of the main building.

Meditation Hall

Located in the new Annex building, this space seats 70 students comfortably.


We have multiple classrooms used for our language classes and workshops.

Lecture Hall

This modern space provides full multi-media support for press conferences and guest lectures.

Recording Studio

This state-of-the-art recording studio provides full audio support for the whole of the institution.

Gallery Space

A multi-use space which allows for the presentation of different exhibitions and cultural events.


In between classes, relax over a cup of tea and chat with your classmates at our cafe. You can also order a variety of traditional Tibetan foods.

Multi-Media Centre

To facilitate your learning experience, we provide internet, scanning and printing services at accessible rates.

Public Library

Unlike the libraries located at the institute's main building where they exclusively hold reference resources on Tibetan, Buddhist and on relevant subjects this newly opened public library houses reading materials on variety of subjects like any other public library so as to cater to the wider need of general public. The new library opens in the morning hours through 7 p.m.

Multimedia Library

With the setting up of a new Multimedia library, now one can listen to, watch, read or even study any of the resources available which include Tibetan documentary films, movies, oral histories, songs and dance, speeches, spiritual discourses, e-books, etc.


A limited number of semi-furnished rooms with attached kitchen and either attached or common bathrooms with hot water are available for research scholars and students enrolled in two or more courses. Rents range from Rs. 130 to Rs. 150 per day subject to periodic revision. No advance bookings are accepted. Rooms are rented to students only on arrival and after registration. If no rooms are available at the time of arrival, the student's name will be kept on a waiting list.

Research scholars are those scholars who come with a letter of recommendation from their university or institution and who need to use the services available in LTWA during their research period. Research scholars are required to subscribe to library membership. The membership fee per month is Rs. 300.

Annual membership fee for institutions is Rs. 1,200.