Friday, 6 August 2010


The Library is organised into ten distinct departments:


LTWA is an autonomous body under the direct supervision of H.H. the Dalai Lama.

Tibetan Books & Manuscripts Library

The Library currently has a holding of about 100,000 manuscripts and documents in Tibetan.

Foreign Language Reference Library

Our Foreign Language Library comprises more than 11,000 books in English and other foreign languages dealing with Buddhism and Tibet related affairs.

Oral History

We have published more than 26 series of oral accounts in book form.

Audio/Visual Archive

Our holdings have more than 27,000 hours of audio and video recordings of Tibet or Tibetan related subjects. In addition we have more than 6,000 photographic archives and documents.

Research and Translation

We are actively involved in research, translation and education that includes conducting courses in Buddhist philosophy, Tibetan language and culture.

Tibetan Cultural Research

This department focuses on investigating and producing materials related to all aspects of Tibetan culture.


Our museum houses over 1,000 old and rare statues, Thangkas (traditional scroll paintings) and other artefacts.


We have published over 250 titles in English and 230 title in Tibetan and Hindi, concerning Buddhist philosophy and other aspects of Tibetan culture, including the quarterly scholarly journal The Tibet Journal, and The Tibetan Medicine Series.

Science Department

This unique program fosters education in modern science in monastic institutes, and translating modern science terms and books into Tibetan as envisioned by His Holiness.

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