One of the main aims and objectives of LTWA when it was founded in 1972 was to compile, translate, print and publish books and manuscripts on all aspects of Tibetan culture, history, literature, philosophy, traditional science etc. under the LTWA logo. In fulfillment of this objective, the English Publication Department started to function in 1973. Since its inception, the department has been actively engaged in publication activities concerning Buddhist philosophy and other aspects of Tibetan culture.


Department functions and Production
This department functions as a publishing house and engages itself in all the processes involved in the production of a book -- from data entry, making the layout, formatting, cover designing and finally producing a final copy for the printing press.[...]


Tibetan Language Publications
The department publishes and distributes a wide range of publications concerning Tibetan studies worldwide. It produces numerous publications annually in Tibetan in close collaboration with the Research and Translation Department. [...]

Non-Tibetan Publications
This Publication Department predominantly publishes texts concerned with Buddhist philosophy, but has also brought out books relating to Tibetan archeology, history, politics, medicine, language, folk culture and proverbs. Native English [...]

Science Journal
The Science Journal in Tibetan has been published bi-annually every year since 2000. The Journal includes translation of writings and articles on science and interdisciplinary subjects meant for comparative studies by various Tibetan scholars and monks[...]

Science Newsletter
The Science Newsletter is the first ever science newsletter introduced in the exile Tibetan community. This is a quarterly publication started in June 2006. It features a section on news, cosmology, physics, biology, scientists' biography, [...]

The Tibet Journal
The library’s Tibet Journal, a scholarly quarterly journal in English, first appeared in 1975. It features articles on Tibetan history, art, philosophy, literature and language, and includes book reviews. Special editions have been dedicated to [...]

The Hindi Journal
Since the inception of this section, till date six books have been published and this year a half-yearly journal named ‘Bhotvani’ was launched on the auspicious occasion of the birthday of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The Journal was launched by [...]

Latest Publication


Tsering Namgyal
Pub. Officer (Head)