Green Club

LTWA Green Club is a small voluntary group composed mainly of Library staff and people living around the Library campus. The group functions with its three-fold motive of promoting a habitual healthy way of living, providing everyone the opportunity to think globally and act locally and to encourage active participation in the LTWA environmental activities. The Green Club came into being recently on 10th December, 2010 and since then it has been taking its small yet strong steps in keeping our environment clean and green. This will be a continued effort in the years to come

Aims and objectives:

1.    To promote and inculcate a habitual healthy way of living in our daily life
2.    To provide guidance to appreciate the natural history
3.    To present opportunities to act locally and think globally
4.    To encourage active participation in the LTWA environmental activities


  1. Evaluation of waste disposal system and its impact on health and environment
  2. To compose and disseminate articles on environment conservation for community newsletters/newspapers
  3. To hold interactive multimedia workshops
  4. To provide environmental information, such as statement of environment reports and conservation issues
  5. To provide educational references on maintenance of clean environment and its conservation
  6. To celebrate the world environmental events

Advisory committee

  • Geshe Lhakdor (Director)
  • Mr. Ngawang Yeshi (Secretary)

Executive members:

1.    Mr. Nyima Gyaltsen (President - 9805428640)
2.    Ms. Palmo Tsering (Vice-president - 9805236842)
3.    Ms. Chime Wangmo (English editor - 9882498186)
4.    Mr. Tsering Norbu (Tibetan editor - 9857477414)
5.    Ven. Jampa Choedak (Artist - 9816124946)
6.    Mr. Tenzin Migmar (Web-master - 9816129415)
7.    Ms. Tenzin Lhakyi (Cashier - 9882021484)
8.    Mr. Sonam Tsering (Photographer - 9418364812)
9.    Ms. Norbu Dolma (PRO - 9882230884)
10.  Mr. Tenzin Choedar (PRO - 9816152143)


Dr. Anna Alome
Born in London and living in Australia. She is a philosopher who works for the promotion of compassion and the reduction of violence. She has been working in growing fabulous plants for the last 25 years.

Sophie Carler Ph.D.
Currently works as an Environmental Manager in an industrial federation in Sweden, dealing in particular with water-, chemical-, and biodiversity-related issues.


Mr. Nyima Gyaltsen
Managing Editor (Science Journal)
(President of Green Club)

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